Powder Coating


Your Best Choice for Professional Powder Coating

Powder-Coating-small_161Powder coating is a cost effective option for providing cosmetically appealing, durable finishes. This is a proven technology that offers an environmentally friendly option for many finishing needs. Powder coating is a highly diverse technology that has endless options for stock colors as well as custom formulated powders for color or performance. As the market expands and technologies advance we commit to our customers to bring new powder coating technologies to them.

Our highly flexible coating system is designed to accommodate the smallest of parts, up to an individual processing profile of 10′ long x 10′ wide x 7′ tall all in a semi-automated atmosphere.

Our pre-treatment wash system is one of the most advanced in the industry. As one of the most critical aspects of the coating process, our system is designed with flexibility in mind. Our five stage pretreatment process is fully customizable and allows us to engineer the cleaning cycle to fit your parts needs. We have also engineered our system to accommodate a wide selection of substrates, soil loads and part configurations. In the end, this saves time, money and ensures we provide you with world class product integrity.

Our powder application suite is designed with the same flexibility and individual attention to detail in mind. Our system is set up to provide you with quality coatings and cosmetically appealing parts with ultra flexible color changes. Our ability to divert product at various phases in the process with ease allows for primer/topcoat or basecoat/clearcoat requirements. This means we can accommodate any batch size and almost any coating stack configurations at a competitive price.  Contract with us and color change fees are a thing of the past.

Our Flex-Cure profile system allows us to adjust the times/temperatures specifically to your parts needs. Where many systems are dedicated lines designed to be optimized for a standard cure profile, we will engineer our processes specifically to your products needs.  In the end, this saves time, money and ensures we provide you with world class product integrity.

We are proud of our hands on approach which drives the individual attention that your product deserves. Managing product integrity, meeting cosmetic expectations and optimizing cost is an every part expectation. Combine that with industry leading product support and years of practical coating knowledge we have the team to get your job done – and done right.