Attention to Detail That is Second to None

Services-small_143Performance Coatings is predicated on providing sound engineering solutions for powder and liquid coating applications. We have the facility and equipment to support diverse needs and a passion to support any functional and cosmetic requirements you may have. We commit to our customers a continual search for innovation that will impact their products. It is our duty to make sure our customers are aware of industry trends and allow for them to enter the markets ahead of their competition.

Performance Coatings is built to be cost effective, deliver superior quality and unmatched efficiency. Fast turn around will allow your company to be as productive as possible. Our process puts in work lean manufacturing principles in order to stay flexible and reduce unnecessary production waste.

Whether you need your parts powder coated or liquid painted, Performance Coatings operates with a hands-on approach. We treat each customer and their products with individual attention and detail. We are engaged in our customer’s product from start to finish no matter the size of the project. We pride ourselves in process details, documentation, quality metrics and integrity verification to ensure our customers have the information they need to make solid business decisions.

No different than the products we paint, we believe cleanliness and organization drives positive results. The cleanliness of our facility is unmatched by our competitors. We fully understand that a clean environment produces product of high cosmetic value and sets the tempo for our employees to act in the same high expectations set by our customers.